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Plexi barrier protector (Seperator)

What is Covid 19 Visor? Plexi barrier Covid 19 (Corona) Visor plexi barrier is a protective material used to protect the face and body during laboratory work. To ensure the safety of employees in the workplace.

What is Covid 19 Visor?

Covid 19 (Crown) Shield plexi barrier is a protective material used to protect the face during laboratory work. It is used for protective materials to ensure the safety of employees in the workplace and institutions. The purpose of using protective materials in workplaces and institutions is to protect employees from work-related risks; Face shields, plexi barrier, gloves which are some of the work safety materials protect the person from negativity; Occupational safety is provided by glasses, barrier, gloves or helmet models.

What is Covid 19 Barrier Used For?

A plexi barrier, covid 19 virus It also varies in models depending on their intended use. Face and body protection is comfortable and easy and does not tire the person during use. This provides significant eye and body protection against the use of plexi barrier separators. It is used to move away from liquid chemicals and in contact and protects the face and organs from the negative effects of chemicals.
The body barrier must be used, in particular, according to the remote contact characteristics. It should also be used to protect against viruses and bacteria during purchases and avoiding contact.

plexi barrier
plexi barrier

plexi barrier

Face and body Protective Shields and barriers are used to prevent virus particle splashing or virus infection through direct cough to the face. These masks and separators, which are normally not very expensive, have increased prices due to malicious companies and their stocks have started to decrease. In particular, health personnel should not have difficulty in accessing these equipment. Also, a face shield and plexi barriers should be disinfected well with disinfectant. Ankara Advertising


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