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Acryliccustom manufacturingOur center is the right way to move with the new technology is no longer a choice of great importance as never before. Why the introduction of the company after you make the slightest mistake, which unfortunately at this stage or material will be made yet as desired. Here will be wasted money that has been paid. Research firms are now engaged in theplexi manufacturingplexiglas productsBy which of the before having determined that they are doing their choices accordingly.


Many people with the products or servicesAcrylicProductionfor carefully doing research after research carried out also against the products they believe that the best way to fulfill their wishesplexiglass tables who prefer to prepare. As it can be understood from the namePlexi Custom Manufacturingin many differentplexiMaterial is used. today maintained thatpleksigasequipment are used.Plexi 'sone of the biggest advantages of the material is durable, lightweight and easily twisted in a material.


Plexiglass cast acrylic sheets or Plexiglasplexiglas podiumIs a thermoplastic material based on polymethyl methacrylate. and the casting technique 2 mm to 40 mm, in various preferred colorless, transparent and opaqueplexi custom manufacturingIt produced at our center.


p All kinds of plexiglass materialleks custom manufacturingOne of the most important things you need to be careful about is that you should be contacted by experienced people who have been trained in this regard. Otherwise, what's the results that may arise unfortunately will be much worse than predicted. Plexi (Acrylic) As the main application areas; Plexiglass ad,plexiglass table, Promotional products, nameplates signage, decoration and interior design, stairs and handrails handrail, home and office furniture, lighting elements, antique displays, kitchen accessories can be called. Plexiglass Display Stand, product display stand, Raffle Box, Table and coffee table legs, unwrapped the box, Desktop brochure, Desktop Menu Covers, Drug Stand for Pharmacy, Cosmetics test stand, varieties such as ad-based stand is also available. Plexi Special Products, plexi nameplates, rotary-card, Onal AdvertisingIstanbul Advertising AgencyN. Contact us to get custom manufacturing services at the most affordable prices and high quality plexi.

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