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Plexi and Plexiglass Processing and Forming Factory Önal plexi

Latest Technology Production

Plexiglass products and services are produced by following the latest technological innovations in the world.
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30 Years of Experience at Plexi

It produces reliable, innovative and efficient products for the needs of the plexi manufacturing sector. It exports to more than 50 countries in 4 different continents in the world.
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Plexi Activities and Projects

In Plexiglass products and services, we do not only determine the project activities, but also plan the activity of the Project at the Project activities stage.
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The Most Suitable For Your Business Acrylic


ÖnalAcrylicLocated on-site bakery andplexiinflationmachines with the desired size, thickness and shape makes inflating bulb and boxes.

Why Önal Plexi

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indoor and outdoorplexiWe can help you create a very different atmosphere at every point in your systems. Nameplate, Brochure, Promotion Stand, Product Display Stand, Lottery Box, Wish Box

Laser cutting services plexiglass, wood, paper, cardboard, leather, fabric and so on. part of the products, manufacture of office signs, plaques and table-name manufacturer, we serve our collar and name tag team specialist in the production of guidance plates.

  • Istanbul Önal Plexi cylinderCheapest transparent plexi pipe, acrylic pipe prices
  • Acrylic weightcheapest clear plexi table, acrylic table prices
  • Plexi Promotion Standcheapest transparent display stand pipe, acrylic display stand prices
  • Plexi Boxcheapest clear plexi box, acrylic box prices
  • plexi office signCheapest clear plexi office sign, acrylic office sign prices
  • Plexi BarrierCheapest transparent plexi barrier, acrylic barrier prices
  • Plexi SeperatorThe cheapest transparent plexi separator, acrylic separator prices
  • Plexi lantern and boxThe cheapest transparent plexi lantern and box, acrylic lantern and box prices

Önal plexi plexiglass acrylic laser cut signboard advertising services

Acrylic what? Acrylic Our services





frontal plexiglass

In the production of plexi! Our state-of-the-art machinery and our professional code We serve you with


Plexi products also help you in every aspect of your projects and we are constantly increasing our own knowledge in different project products.

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Where is Plex used?

Pleksi Pleksiglas What can be done with the material?



  • Plexi Box
  • Acrylic weight
  • Plexi Mirror
  • Plexi Glass
  • Plexi Door Ornament
  • Plexi Furniture
  • Plexi Vacuum
  • Plexiglas Table


  • Product Display Stands
  • Cosmetic Stands
  • Lighting Stands
  • Letter Molding Services
  • LED Systems
  • Plexi Laser CNC Cutting
  • Decoration Products
  • Boat and Yacht Glasses


  • PLEXI Special Designs
  • Jewelry Stands
  • Glasses Stands
  • Plexi Tie Holder
  • Plexi Test Tubes
  • Plexi Laboratory Devices
  • Acrylic Stands
  • UV Printing Services



  • Effective in sign making
  • Qualified in the advertising industry
  • Glasses, makeup etc. products
  • lighting equipment
  • Kitchen and bathroom accessories