Foreground plexi As we would like you to talk about what is meant Plexiglass. Long-time winner widespread in Turkey and the satisfaction of using Go Go
plexi anywhere in the world and is used in the product.

Our type is separated into two kinds of glass colored plastic and colorless transparent and translucent. Plexiglass s are the glasses and plastics can be processed easily know easily broken.
Referring to the world market does not exceed the overall thickness of 1.5-2.5mm. So this Plexi 's how I want to explain to you just melted in oluyorki him.
90 ° C and heating in an oven at 115 ° C are softened and shaped machines. The heated body strength ratio is greater than glass and lightweight. However, it is not very much wiser than before as it takes shape under the influence of anti-burn combustion.
After plexiglass heated may be introduced into the desired shape by means of molds necessary.
Light transmission is laser cut plexi dayanıkd against high and shock. Plexiglass then the light transmittance is 92% compared to glass. The impact resistance of glass is more than 6 times. Sharp edges are not. It does not cause injury.
Thermal conductivity of glass is less than 20%. (Casting) Plexiglass is resistant to weather conditions, it is transparent and produced in fluorescent colors and more resistant to climate conditions compared to plastic. Singh, unbreakable. easily used indoors and outdoors.

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