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Murat Pasa Mah. Eski Edirne Asphalt
Baltas kilimci Industrial Site NO: 196/197
Bayrampaşa / Istanbul
(Uluyol Bereç tranway Stop)

Telephone :

Tel : +90 (212) 243 06 31
TEL : +90 (212) 497 00 01
GSM: +90 (532) 730 55 80


Önal Pleksi Pleksiglas

Plexiglass plexiglass cylinder tube bulb inflator box föylük plexy brochure stand-name Plexiglas bomber twist cover manufacturing and mill


ÖNAL Plexiglass Plexiglass Manufacturing Solutions

Plexiglass, Plexiglas, Plexiglass covers, Plexiglass brochure, Plexi bayrampaşa, Pleksici are Plexi processing workshop, Plexi vacuuming, plexiglass dome, laboratory equipment, UV printing, laser cutting, subcontracting sector, stands, acrylic stands, jewelry stands

Plexiglass cover Blow Fanoos

OÖnal Acrylic Located on-site bakery and plexi inflation machines with the desired size, thickness and shape makes inflating bulb and boxes.

Plexi Blow

Brochure Stand Plexiglass Badge

Oindoor and outdoor plexi At every point in the system, we can help you create a very different atmosphere. nameplates signs, brochure, Promotion Stand, product display stand, Raffle Box, Wish Box

Plexi Stand Badge


Plexiglass cylinder

OIstanbul Foreground Plexiglass cylinder cheapest transparent plexiglass tube, acrylic pipe prices and sales in various sizes and thickness, diameter pipes in plexi

Plexiglass cylinder

Laser cutting

OLaser cutting services plexiglass, wood, paper, cardboard, leather, fabric and so on. part of the products, manufacture of office signs, plaques and table-name manufacturer, we serve our collar and name tag team specialist in the production of guidance plates.

Laser cutting

Önal Acrylic Pleksiglas Recreation Cut

Istanbul ÖNAL PLEKSI operating since 1989 in Bayrampaşa you serve the customers.

Advertising and whether the work taken as a faster supply of raw materials from its competitors by being close to the Product Suppliers are delivered on time and in full. ÖNAL featured in the workforce has a high production capacity with a maximum capacity in business knowledge and experienced staff teknolojisiyle behind. changing customer and provide quality products and services that meet the evolving needs and expectations and to make their lives better ÖNAL PLEKSI 'is the policy.

our vision : Unconditional customer satisfaction.

Our mission : Customer satisfaction is the basis of everything we do is to ensure that the principle reference to later work. Principle of honesty and sincerity AcrylicYou are proud to be working with rapidly growing sector.

  • Plexi Brochure
    • Plexiglass Decoration Work
      • Plexiglas Tags & picturesque
  • Security Mirrors
    • Plexi Glass Letters
      • Plexi Cosmetics & Perfumery
  • Plexi Boxes
    • Plexi Lamps & Lighting
      • medical
  • Plexiglass Museum & Exhibition
    • Plexiglass Signs
      • Boat & Yacht Glass
  • Warning signs
    • Plexiglass Product Stands
      • Plexi Machine Covers
  • Plexiglass chair
    • Acrylic Fanus
      • Plexiglass Cover
  • Plexiglass Laser Cutting
    • Plexi Badges
      • Plexiglass cylinder
        • Acrylic weight


Plexiglas – acrylic – pleksiglass – referred to by different names, such as advertising and decoration plexi industry for many years, and is currently used in the construction industry have discovered material; Acrylic acid, light, heat or metal is the generic name of the polymers is generated by processed with. Acrylic is used, depending on the type of compound and process conditions, hard and soft and elastic solids, or transparent, sticky, viscous liquid products available. Molded construction materials, optical supplies, jewelry, adhesives, coating materials and woven fiber raw material of various compounds such as acrylic compounds.