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What Plexi & Plexiglas? Where are the characteristics and usage?

AcrylicIs a plastic material with colored and colorless varieties. Transparent and semi-transparent. Easily processed, can be cut pierceable has a lightweight construction.
Plexiglass, defined as glass with colored and colorless plastic variety.

• light permeability and high light transmittance is 92% shock resistant than glass.
The impact resistance of glass is more than 6 times. Sharp edges are not. When broken, it does not cause injury.
Thermal conductivity of glass as the thickness is less than 20%.

• (Casting) Acrylic Glas is resistant to climatic conditions.
Opaque, transparent and produced in fluorescent colors and are more resistant to climate conditions compared to plastic.
Singh, unbreakable. easily used indoors and outdoors.

• (Casting) Pleksiglas Thermally stable.
Breakdown of Plexiglass thickness softened as 75 ° C and is ready to form.

• (Casting) Hardness of copper is Plexiglas.

• (Casting) Pleksiglas'Easily given a desired form.
Alglas to enter the desired form Pleksi'ye 120 ° -150 ° C is sufficient.
after cooling to form remains constant.

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